Services to our South African Clients

All services are offered and billed from Moore Attorneys, patent attorneys, of 30 Bishop Street, Camperdown, 3720, South Africa.

Patent & Trade Mark expertise. Patent your invention or file for a trade mark. IP Commercialisation. Get advice on marketing and commercialising your invention. We can advise you on strategies for taking your inventions to market.

What is best for your company? Licensing? Spinning off a special purpose company to develop and market the invention? We have the experience and networks necessary for taking your inventions forward. IP Audits in South Africa. Make sure your company’s intellectual property is reflected in its financial statements.

Find out if your company has any inventions, designs, trade marks or copyright materials which have not yet been protected properly. Moore Intellectual Property delivers exceptional service quality at excellent rates.

The firm was founded by Mr Rory Moore, a Registered South African patent attorney. Mr Moore qualified as a Patent Attorney in 2000 and has worked for leading patent law firms in South Africa and abroad. Mr Moore has also served as Director of the Technology Transfer Office of a leading South African University.

This unique background is the secret of Moore Intellectual Property's success: legal expertise coupled with business experience.

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