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 Congratulations to our Mr Rory Moore on his 2016 Corporate INTL Global Award.


Patents can be used to protect inventions, for example products or processes having new technical steps.  Find out what can be patented, what the costs are and how patents can protect your invention.   Patent attorneys outside South Africa:- we can assist you with PCT national phase applications.


Trademarks (also spelt “trade marks”) are trade names, logos and other types of representations which are used by traders to distinguish their goods and services from those of other traders.  Trade marks should be registered at the Trade Marks Office.

Services to our South African clients


Patent & Trademark expertise, IP Commercialisation, & IP Audits in South Africa


PCT National Phase in South Africa


File a PCT national phase patent application in South Africa for US$ 750-00 (EUR 675-00).


Direct Patent Applications


Patent applications can be lodged directly with a national or regional patent office without going through the intermediate step of being filed as an International Application under the Patent Co-operation Treaty ("PCT").


IP Audits

Ensure that all your intellectual property is correctly reflected in your financial statements.  We can assess whether you have unidentified intellectual property and protect it if necessary.

IP Renewals

We require an advance notice period of at least two weeks for paying renewal fees.

IP Due Diligence

Investigations into the novelty, commercial viability, market potential, ownership, cost, etc. of your company's intellectual property.

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