Intellectual Property Strategies for Start-Ups

This page contains links to useful information on IP strategies.

  1. A list of tips on IP strategies can be found here.
  2. A podcast on IP strategies can be found here.

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How to Protect your Mobile App

Advice on the legal routes available for protection of a mobile app, including copyright, contract, trade marks, trade secrets and patents.

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First Time Patent Clients

The patenting process in South Africa usually starts with the filing of a provisional patent application.

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Opinion: Patent Evergreening in the South African Legal Context

The term "evergreening" is used pejoratively to refer to perceived attempts to extend the duration of patent protection by various means.   Attempts by patent holders to obtain multiple patents covering different aspects of the same product are characterised by some observers as evergreening.  Disapprobation is expressed regarding patents for improved versions of existing products, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

In our view the concept of evergreening is specious, especially in the South African context.  It is based on an incomplete understanding of the patent system.

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Patents in South Africa

In South Africa an application for a patent can be supported by either a provisional or a complete patent specification (the patent specification is simply the document describing the invention in detail).

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Trademarks in South Africa

Detailed information on the filing requirements, timelines and other aspects of trademark law in South Africa.

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ARIPO Patent Applications

Costs and requirements for patent applications at ARIPO.  This is the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation.  Its member states are predominantly Southern African countries.

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OAPI Patent Applications

Costs and requirements for patent applications at OAPI.  The member states of OAPI are Northern African countries.

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The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is used by inventors and organisations to secure patent protection across the globe.

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Patent Licensing

When a patent-holder and a licensee come together to negotiate a licence agreement, where do they start?

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