Information Technology Litigation


Electronic evidence is the predominant form of evidence used in civil litigation today. This arises from the fact that a vast amount of information is stored, created and exchanged in electronic format.

Legal practitioners often ignore rather than confront this reality, with the result that the principles of e-discovery and electronic evidence are not applied.

We specialise in the correct and efficient application of electronic evidence principles and rules. This gives our clients a significant advantage in the area of civil litigation.


The field of Cyber-forensics is of cardinal importance for promoting effective investigation, litigation and presentation of electronic evidence in criminal matters.

We are able to provide specialist forensic investigation and litigation services. Cyber-forensics is an integral part of our practice and we facilitate and utilize the skills of Cyber-forensics experts.

Litigation in matters involving social media and internet fraud is one of our particular strengths.


E-discovery can be described as any process whereby electronic information is pursued, located, secured and searched with the intention of using it as evidence in civil or criminal legal matters. Two distinct branches of expertise exist in the e-discovery process:

  • The first branch is the discipline of cyber-forensics whereby a trained computer expert extracts the electronic information in a forensically sound manner.
  • The second branch is legal in nature, whereby an attorney with expertise in the admissibility of electronic evidence presents the gathered evidence in a court of law.

We facilitate services in both of these branches of expertise. For Cyber-Forensics we utilize top experts in the field. 

Cyber-Forensic Investigation

We facilitate the investigation of cybercrimes and delicts committed on the internet. This includes the gathering of evidence to be included in criminal dockets and civil matters.

E-Procedure and Evidence

Existing common law does not specifically provide for the search and seizure of electronic evidence. Therefore, electronic evidence and the procedures used for gathering, presenting and adjudicating on such evidence have greatly frustrated and complicated litigation in civil and criminal matters. We provide support to ensure legal compliance with the applicable procedures.

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